ATTENTION! Due to a printing error on some templates made for Pax East 2017, the circles came out closer together than the correct length. If you purchased a mat magnet template at Pax East 2017 (mostly on Sunday), please measure to make sure the center to center distance is the same as what is printed on the template. If your template is in error, please contact us at so that we can send you a corrected one. Thank you for your understanding.

Mat Magnet Tutorial (requires the disc magnets - available here and magnet covers - available here)

Necessary Supplies

  1. Cutting implement like an Xacto knife

  2. Wax paper or another kind of protective sheeting

  3. Epoxy (I use the Loctite 5 min version)

  4. Cotton swabs or other applicator

Supplies you may need

  1. An already existing magnetic mat

  2. Your Scrollplay container

  3. Scissors

  4. Large paper for template

  5. Marker

  6. Paper towels

  7. Metal that is flat

*If you have an existing mat, please start at step 4 before moving on to the Epoxy phase.

Step 1: Correct for magnet polarity and mark magnets

Step 2: Prepare a template

Step 3: Cut and remove the mat circles

Step 4: Use an existing mat as a template

Step 5: Epoxy